10 Trends Every Little Girl Rocked in the 90’s

The 90’s were a lot of things, some would argue tasteful was not one of them. No doubt many of us have looked back on our childhood photos, studied the bold neon’s, the tacky print, and the overload of denim and wondered

“What the hell was I wearing!?”

Here is a list of ten fashion statements that every little girl in the 90’s remembers.

1.The Denim Bucket hat

What better to go with your denim overalls, denim jacket and denim hand bag. 













2. Butterfly Clips

The perfect accessory for white girl cornrows.










3. Buckle Shoes with Ruffled Socks

Clickity clack! I know I’m not the only one that remembers looking down at these ungodly things as I walked to class.











4.Ruffled Dresses

There was no such thing as too many ruffles. Like my mom always said

“The more ruffles the better!”












5.The Forehead poof

It’s like an explosion of bangs. Thanks Aqua Net!









What do you call a ponytail without a scrunchy?














7. Windbreaker Jumpsuits

Perfect for blocking the wind. Not so great for sneaking up on people. Swish! swoosh! swish!


8. Makeup Compact

Which is the eye shadow and which is the lip gloss? We may never truly know.


9. Stick on Earrings

Great for embellishing ears, face, notebooks and bedroom walls alike.


10. Plastic Glittery Sandals

A more fun and casual alternative to the buckle shoes. They were totally worth the blisters.




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